The Way Air Travel Should Feel

Do you remember when flying was a pleasurable experience? Before the over-crowded airport terminals with lines everywhere and impersonal security procedures? Before the seats got smaller and passengers were jammed in tightly like cargo instead of people? Before you were charged extra for every pound of luggage over the bare essentials? We do.

Flying that makes you feel free again.

We reject the idea that the flying experience needs to be miserable to be affordable. We provide air transportation that is customer centered; focusing on delivering a positive experience at the same time as we smoothly and efficiently serve our customers' travel needs. Anything else just isn't good enough.

Enjoy Your Flight

The realities of spending several hours on a commercial airliner aren't pretty. Shrinking legroom, aging aircraft and overcrowded overhead storage has become the norm. Roam's new PC-12 aircraft are designed to hold 8 passengers comfortably, along with all the luggage they need.

Photography by: Pilatus

Travel with Confidence

Never miss another meeting because of a late or cancelled flight. Our flight operation and safety protocols are best in class, following the standards and process required for much larger commercial aircraft operators.

Arrive 15 minutes prior to departure
45 minute to 2 hour flight segments
Bags follow you off the aircraft

Avoid the Hassle

Our flights travel from smaller, less crowded airport terminals allowing you to save time and skip the hassle of boarding from a huge commercial commercial terminal. Simply arrive at the airport 15 minutes before you leave, and be on your way as soon as we touch down.

Uncompromising Affordability

Our extreme focus on efficient operations allows us to offer industry leading affordability without compromising on the comfort and luxury of our passengers' experience. Our passengers get there faster, happier and with a little extra money in their pockets.

Safety First

Safety is our first priority. Our passengers and their loved ones expect nothing less. We have a perfect record of safety on our flights, and we plan to keep it that way.

Photography by: Pilatus

    Our Team

    Roam boasts a diverse and experienced team of aviation professionals, with decades of combined experience in building and operating industry leading businesses. The expertise of our team and focus on teamwork allows us to deliver outstanding value for our customers.

    Meet Our Team

    Photography by: Rob Greer Photography

    Branded Programs

    Roam isn't an airline. We work with innovative, growing airline partners, to provide our fleet and flight operation services as the backbone of their business. We love operating their flights, and they love focusing on other important parts of their business.

    Our Branded Programs

    Professional Associations

    Roam operated by Encompass Aviation is a member of several professional aviation associations (Argus,NBAA, NATACS, etc.) and has worked with many well known companies in the airline and aviation industries. We invest our time, capital, and resources in professional companies that results in successful relationships for all involved.