Safety First

We follow the safety protocols required for much larger Part 121 flight operators, because safety is our first priority. We have a perfect record of safety on our flights, and we plan to keep it that way.

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A Reliable Flight Plan

We've obsessed over every detail of operating our flight schedule efficiently and reliably, so your flights will always run smoothly and on time.

Photography by: Pilatus

Uncompromising Affordability

Our extreme focus on efficient operations allows us to offer industry leading affordability and an uncompromising passenger experience.

Our aircraft carrier certificate allows us to partner with various companies to provide air transportation within the state of California.

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    Our Team

    Roam boasts a diverse and experienced team of aviation professionals, with decades of combined experience in building and operating industry leading businesses. The expertise of our team and focus on teamwork allows us to deliver outstanding value for our customers.

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    Photography by: Rob Greer Photography