A Career Path for Young Pilots

The demand for experienced commercial pilots from large, regional and legacy airlines continues to grow, but it's incredibly difficult for young pilots to gain the necessary experience. That's where Roam comes in. Our pilots see more high-quality flight time and experience than any other small aircraft operator. At Roam, you won't just clock hours, you'll gain valuable experience operating in a fast-paced, industry leading aviation environment.

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The Opportunity to Fly

We offer young pilots with less than 1,500 hours of flight time the opportunity to gain quality experience in a modern airline environment. Where most opportunities for young pilots offer 20 hours of flight time on average, our consistent flight schedule provides for an average of 80 - 85 hours a month.

Fast Tracking Your Career

Our fast paced environment and busy flight schedule means that instead of spending several years gaining the 1,500 flight hours required for an Airline Transport License, many of our pilots are able to hit their goal in a matter of months.

Experience with Industry Standards

Our flights operate with a paperless, all-glass flight deck and the operational best practices of a Part 121 airline, affording our pilots the opportunity to gain a deep understanding of the industry standard practices and procedures of larger regional and national airlines.

    A Supportive Training Program

    In addition to 80-85 hours of flight time per month, Roam pilots have access to our top-notch training programs, receiving instruction from our team of aviation professionals. Every pilot that comes out of our training program is prepared for a career in any major aviation organization.

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    80 Hours Per Month
    6 to 10 Departures Per Day
    Monthly flight schedules published in advance

    Flight Experience Like No Other

    Roam flies a published schedule, following the operational systems of the major commercial airlines. We operate our aircraft at high utilization and high frequency, with an average utilization of 150 - 180 hours per month and 6 to 10 departures per day. In short, our pilots are afforded a level of experience that no other small airline opportunity can offer. Flying with Roam is the perfect next step in any young pilot's career.

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    Partnership Programs

    We have close relationships with many of the top Part 121 airlines, and our pilots have moved on from their time with Roam to Alaska Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Compass, SkyWest and many others. We are proud of the fact that Roam alumni have been able to achieve their professional goals and ambitions, and will continue to support them in every stage of their careers.

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    Photography by: Pilatus