Our Vision

We want to earn every customer's enthusiasm by being a successful leader in air transportation solutions.

Our Values

Safety in all we do.
Integrity at all times.
Trust that our customers can count on.
Quality that encompasses the highest standards every time.
Teamwork that can be depended upon; we keep our commitments.
Service that is smarter, faster, innovative, and always puts the customer first.


Our Culture

Supports our vision, embraces our values, attracts and retains talent. Cultural values include fairness to our employees, inclusiveness in the business, accountability to our customers and to each other.


"Safety" is much more than just a value, or a part of a company's culture; at Encompass SAFETY is a guiding factor in everything we do. We never compromise Safety.

The Encompass Safety Department is responsible to establish and administer a robust, pro-active and employee supported safety program and foster a safety culture within our airline that provides our customers with a safe travel experience and our employees with a safe working environment.

The Encompass Safety program:

  • Supports the safest possible air transportation;
  • Supports a safe working environment for all employees;
  • Establishes and administers an effective internal evaluation program;
  • Establishes and administers an effective employee safety training program promoting safety through knowledge, training, feedback and continuous improvement.

The success and safety of Encompass is the direct result of the pro-active actions and dedication of every employee. All Encompass employees have the responsibility to promote safety, to comply with all regulatory agencies and to conduct our daily actions in a safe, thorough and professional manner. All known precautions are taken to prevent an accident, incident or injury before it occurs and it is everyone's responsibility to ensure for the safety of our customers and fellow employees.

Encompass has established a "Safety and Compliance Committee" that maintains effective lines of communication and encourage cross-departmental involvement of all employees. The committee investigates, coordinates, recommends and reviews safety concerns to continuously improve the safety of our airline.

Every day, Encompass carries hundreds of customers to their destinations safely with a flight operation managed and performed by a team of highly trained, skilled and knowledgeable people. Our operations are predicated on providing a safe and excellent travel experience for our customers; they deserve nothing less.